Bushwick Leaders High School Gets a Transformation

Prior to being purchased by the NYC Department of Education in the 1970’s, this 140-year-old neighborhood icon was formerly a Home of the Aged run by the Little Sisters of the Poor. It is now home to a high school for at-risk youth.

The school building is 3 stories plus a 4th floor attic, basement and cellar and totals approximately 89,000 square feet.

Wood cornices and modillions at the perimeter of the roof are rotting due to failures in the gutters – several of these modillions have already fallen and others are highly deteriorated. Extensive water infiltration is present throughout the building due to failures in the exterior masonry (missing mortar, cracked bricks) and also due to failures in the roofing and flashing.

Nelligan White is undertaking a complete exterior rehabilitation with a masonry replacement campaign as well as a complete roof replacement, parapet replacement and a new storm water detention-tank system for flood elimination. The transformation is expected to be complete by Fall 2015 in time for the start of the school year!