Walt Whitman Birthplace

The visitors' center and administration building serve as a gateway to the site surrounding the house where Walt Whitman was born.

Visitors enter the site along a cedar wall that passes through the interpretive space and leads to a point directly opposite the front door of the original house. Exhibits on the wall form a reverse timeline, beginning with the mature Whitman who is most familiar and leading back through his formative years toward his birth point. Once the visitor has entered the site, the building and wall screen the cars, neon signs, and malls that press in on the site from all sides. The house can be experienced in a setting of trees, grass, cedar shingles, and siding. This administrative and interpretive center established the site of Walt Whitman’s Birthplace.

This project was undertaken by our predecessor firm: The Stein Partnership. Our Principal, T. Michael White was responsible for Architectural Design & Construction Administration. The Architect of Record on this Project was Carl Stein.

Architectural Staff
Bruce G. Nelligan
Carl Stein
T. Michael White