Red Hook East Building 29

Building 29 is part of Red Hook East, a large housing development owned by the New York City Housing Authority that includes a variety of low-rise buildings in the historic seaside neighborhood of Red Hook, Brooklyn. At two stories, Building 29 is a small building located on the corner of Columbia Street and West 9th.

During Hurricane Sandy, Red Hook East Building 29’s ground floor space was flooded with approximately 15 feet of sewage-contaminated water and the mechanical and electrical systems were severely damaged. Due to groundwater infiltration, the entire cellar of Building 29 is consistently flooded with approximately 8 inches of standing water.

The building was boarded up and closed following Hurricane Sandy. In the interim, moisture from the cellar had migrated to the ground floor, causing extensive damage. Our team found that mechanical, electrical, and steam utilities need to be replaced due to corrosion. Replacement of interior finishes is also required to remediate all mold.

We drafted plans for the complete replace-in-kind renovation to repair the extensive water-related damage and floodproof the building. Our recommended improvements include a new storefront floodgate paired with flood-resistant doors and finishes. Additionally, a terracotta rain screen assembly will provide further protection from water infiltration.
Architectural Staff
Jake LaChapelle
Bruce G. Nelligan
Project Team

New York City Housing Authority (NYCHA)