PS 3 - The John Melser Charrette School

PS 3 Manhattan: Playground / Auditorium - Nestled in the heart of the West Village in lower Manhattan was constructed in 1905, under the design of C. B. J. Snyder.

The school occupies about half of an irregularly shaped city block, dictating the footprint of the school. It stands five stories tall (plus basement) with mansard roof with both barrel and gable roof dormers, and can be described as a Beaux Arts style building. Over the years, it has remained relatively unchanged, except for a 1916 addition to the north containing an auditorium and rooftop playground as well as a variety of upgrades and renovations in the later years.

Nelligan White has completed four separate projects at this school: exterior masonry renovations, a new roof play area, a redesigned auditorium space, and the design for a new kitchen and cafeteria. The auditorium features a motorized movable partition, new stage and house lighting, new finishes, and a digital reproduction of a community mural onto acoustic panels.

Architectural Staff
Mark Adams
Jennifer Cramm
Emily Giese
Steven Keith
Jake LaChapelle
Bruce G. Nelligan
Project Team

New York City School Construction Authority (NYCSCA)

Structural Engineer
Hage Engineering PC.

Mechanical, Electrical & Plumbing Engineer
Beitin Associates, Dewberry

Cost Estimating
Accu-Cost Construction Consultants, Ellana, Inc.