PS 154 Brooklyn

PS 154 Brooklyn was designed and built under C.B.J. Snyder in 1908. This building exhibits many elements of historic character with which Snyder was known for. When this project came to us it was suffering from severe water infiltration. Some level of water damage was reported in every one of the 27 rooms of this school building. The damage was so widespread that it resulted in a full masonry restoration of all facades.

Exploratory probes were utilized to investigate the depth of water damage within the masonry and structural elements. Several steps had to be taken in mitigating the perpetual water infiltration issue; Installation of a waterproof membrane and narrow drainage plane were applied to fully waterproof the building. The original terra cotta cornice had been removed at some point in the building’s history. The Cornice’s primary function is to shield the building from direct rain. Replacing the cornice and recreating the original architectural design was an important step to water proofing the building and restoring its architectural character. Other decorative architectural elements included in the rehabilitation were: terra cotta jack arches and sill above and below window openings, quoins, terra cotta pendants framing the main entryway, and a decorative limestone balcony.

Architectural Staff
Lauren Bordes
Emily Giese
Janelle Kelpe
Jake LaChapelle
Bruce G. Nelligan
Project Team

New York City School Construction Authority (NYCSCA)

Structural Engineer
Gilsanz Murray Steficek LLP

Mechanical, Electrical & Plumbing Engineer

Cost Estimating
Toscano, Clements, Taylor, LLC