Lavanburg Homes

Lavanburg Homes, erected in 1927, is a six-story building with 95 apartments owned by the New York City Housing Authority and operated by the Henry Street Settlement.

The storm surge accompanying Superstorm Sandy flooded the cellar and submerged the entire boiler room in salt water for several days, effectively destroying or severely damaging all mechanical and electrical systems in the cellar. Maintenance personnel and emergency contractors made great strides in replacing other damaged mechanical equipment, but the facility remains dependent on a temporary street boiler that provides heat and hot water several years after the event.

Construction is underway for a comprehensive resilience package for the facility. The facility will be connected to a new steam plant at the adjacent Baruch Houses for efficient and reliable heat. We are providing further improvements by elevating critical electrical equipment and entry plazas, renovating entry lobbies, replacing roofs, replacing two security offices and implementing full LED site lighting.

Lavanburg Homes is part of a broader project to create a resilience master plan for the Baruch Houses, the largest New York City Housing Authority (NYCHA) development in Manhattan. Baruch Houses has 18 buildings in addition to Lavanburg Homes, with over 6,000 residents in total. NYCHA challenged us to consider the long-term resilience of this development, as a model for reconceiving how NYCHA organizes and maintains its existing building stock.

Architectural Staff
Ester Martin Areste
Charlotte Chebassier
Destiny Conely
Sonny Gonzalez
William Hovland
Mathanki Kalapathy
Jody Kinney
Maja Lisa Hjerten Knutson
Jake LaChapelle
Laura Liu
Nicholas Meier
Bruce G. Nelligan
Thomas J Pentoney
Jonathan Pietro
Shiori Sasaki
Mahan Shirazi
Yvette Waweru
Emily Wetherbee
Project Team

New York City Housing Authority (NYCHA)

Structural Engineer
Gilsanz Murray Steficek LLP

Civil Engineer
Langan Engineering & Environmental Services

Mechanical, Electrical & Plumbing Engineer

KM Associates of New York

Cost Estimating
Ellana, Inc., Toscano, Clements, Taylor, LLC