Fulton Houses

The Robert Fulton Houses is a NYCHA project in Chelsea comprised of 11 buildings with over 900 units, completed in 1962 and designed by architects Brown & Guenther. Nelligan White worked closely with DASNY to renovate outdoor spaces that included gardens, play areas, and gathering spaces.

This is one project within the greater 2016 DASNY Quality of Life program, which includes interior and exterior renovations to DASNY (Dormitory Authority of the State of New York) sites throughout New York City. Our objective in the modification of these exterior community spaces is beautification and enhanced usability.

Nelligan White performed an initial site visit to determine the needs of the existing space. Our team found cracked asphalt and concrete and faded paint across 6200SF of playground and sprinkler area. We learned through discussion with NYCHA representatives that the site had a history of flooding during periods of heavy rainfall. Remediating the poor condition of the surfaces and susceptibility to water damage became top priorities.

Nelligan White proposed and undertook an expanded redesign of the outdoor space. The sprinkler area, having been aged painted asphalt, is now a beautiful multicolor safety non-slip surface with new water fixtures. Our team designed a new seating area located at the corner of the playground that gives guardians an inviting and comfortable place to sit and watch their children. We installed a completely new seating area accompanied by barbeques in the north section of the space to make the playground ideal for small gatherings and events. We also rerouted circulation pathways to further separate the service access to the rear of the building and the play area and added gates to close the playground at night. Lastly, enlarged and improved garden areas with low maintenance planting provide a buffer from the street and create a compelling, green room.

This project was substantially completed in December, 2020.




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Dormitory Authority of the State of New York (DASNY)

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