Local Law 11

As a result of high-quality work during two previous NYCHA term contracts, Nelligan White was awarded a third, five-year Local Law 11 and facade inspection term contract for five NYCHA housing complexes.

The complexes awarded were Whitman, Ingersoll, Glenwood, Roosevelt, and Amsterdam Houses. So far, this work has included the examination of problematic roof conditions, flashing, expansion and caulked joints, and brickwork for 68 brick masonry buildings, many of which are classified as unsafe due to major exterior deterioration.

Atlantic Terminal






Architectural Staff
Joseph Cha
William Hovland
Jake LaChappelle
Bruce G. Nelligan
Shiori Sasaki
Yvette Waweru
James Harn
Michael Joseph
Jillian Kranz
Pooneh Manesh
Aditei Puplampu
Monika Sasvary
Steven Schutt