Nelligan White Architects in the Architects Newspaper

Two of Nelligan White Architects’ projects have recently been mentioned in The Architect’s newspaper. The article “New York Values: NYCHA’s New Guidelines for Rehabilitation of Public Housing Push Forward its Sustainability and Preservation Agenda” shines a spotlight on projects that have helped set the standards in the New York City Housing Authority’s recently released Design Guidelines for Rehabilitation of Residential Buildings. Nelligan White’s floodwall design at Baruch Houses (the first of its kind in New York City) integrates a new public seating feature along with the site’s flood mitigating infrastructure. This floodwall-as-seating design has become part of the new NYCHA guidelines. Additionally, Sotomayor Houses is mentioned as a flagship project for the NextGeneration NYCHA program, showcasing the new standard bathroom improvements.

We are pleased that our work with the New York City Housing Authority has helped set the agency’s new standards, and will continue to inspire resilient design and quality-of-life improvements throughout NYCHA’s developments – and New York City as a whole.