PS 14 Bronx

Built in 1922, Public School 14 in the Bronx dealt with years of water intrusion leading to damaged finishes and mold growth throughout the structure. Despite multiple repair attempts over the years, the complications persisted. In 2005, Nelligan White was tapped to develop a comprehensive restoration solution to address the damage.

Together with our building science sub-consultants, we performed a series of probes, tests, and analyses on the building envelope and its systems to determine structural viability. Ultimately, we found that to permanently address the damage and prevent further infiltration, an extensive combination of interior repair strategies would have to be undertaken.

We began with a spray-applied membrane to cover the inside face of the brick masonry, followed by foam-glass insulation and an entirely non-organic wallboard assembly. Further, we redesigned and replaced the ventilation system of the building. As a result of the campaign, we successfully eliminated all water infiltration.

During Construction
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