Our Fall Interns Talk Experience

This fall, interns Tanner Eitman and Lillian Acree joined Nelligan White’s New York studio.

Both women are in their third semester at University of Cincinnati College of Art, Architecture, Design, and Planning (DAAP). Through DAAP, Tanner and Lillian replace three semesters of classroom education with direct work experience, allowing them to develop their professional skills. Nelligan White serves as both women’s second internship through DAAP.

At Nelligan White, Tanner and Lillian are working on resilience planning and rehabilitation for New York City Housing Authority (NYCHA) developments.

I asked Tanner to discuss her experience so far as a Nelligan White intern. While working on the most recent model for NYCHA’s Carey Gardens, Tanner explained, “I feel much more included here. It’s nice that I am part of the team.”

Feeling integrated into her 7-person team has allowed Tanner to produce quality work, largely as a result from her direct engagement with experienced colleagues. Tanner emphasized the technicality and focus her work requires, and she appreciates the ability to work on substantive projects that create tangible results. She recently drafted a stair section for construction documents for Carey Gardens, “which was interesting, because there are a lot of parts I had never thought about, much less having to draw them!”